Budding Community

Bamboo Roots Collective Members Gathering

Bamboo Roots Collective and its members have quickly become a family.  Looking back five and a half months ago, I could only have imagined where we would be today as an organisation.  And, the future is even brighter! 

The acquisition of 24 acres of land has provided tremendous inspiration for the Collective.  Being fifty members strong and growing is fortifying our resilience. The idea of creating community doesn’t seem intangible for many nor did it ever in my mind.  Far too often we’ve acquiesced in allowing others to shape the world around us. 

Well, no more!  If a good defense requires a strong offense then, someone hand us the ball because it’s game day!  We stand on the shoulders of those that have come before us and we won’t allow their legacy to be in vain.  If we can’t afford to take out a mortgage for a home, we’ll build our own. If we don’t want to live in cookie-cutter home communities where no one knows their neighbor, we will create our own.

Marcus Garvey’s wisdom and instruction to do for self has never sounded so good. Africa and African people are more poised than ever to welcome back home their kidnapped brothers and sisters from the diaspora. Let’s receive their warm embrace by bringing our best and our willingness to learn and grow together.


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