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To See Bamboo Roots Collective members reach their fullest potential through the power of cooperative works

We Are On A Mission


Together We Will Reach These Sustainable Development Goals

Membership Benefits

Becoming a part of a vast a network of like minds, initiatives, knowledge, skills and life experience
Free tin# processing (tax identification number)
No added service fees on any BRC services
Free short term lodging at our Institute in Ghana (not to exceed 3 weeks)
Assistance with obtaining work and residence permit in Ghana
Assistance with airport pick up/drop off, local transportation and tours
Eligibility to become a Restorative EcoVillage Member

NOTE: BRC Members are responsible for the actual cost of transportation, tours and documentation but with no additional service fees.



I understand that Bamboo Roots Collective is a cooperative works organisation whereby members share economic responsibility of investments and development. I understand that Bamboo Roots Collective maintains a member directory and I agree to have my contact information included in the directory. The Collective does not distribute this information to third parties or non BRC members. It is used for purposes only within the Collective. I understand that the fee for membership is $380.00. This is a one time fee. I understand that dues for BRC members is $120.00 annually. I understand that the primary goal of BRC and its members is to become efficient and effective at cooperative works with the purpose of establishing sustainable communities in Africa and living communally.

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We Are On A Mission

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